High-resolution industrial-grade manufacturing of practically all metal types.
The CeraCaster® allows for the creation of highly detailed and complex shapes that would be difficult or impossible to produce using traditional manufacturing techniques.

CeraCaster A4020 is a revolutionary industrial-grade 3D printer with user-friendly features such as easy delivery and installation, a large printing area and ethernet and WiFi connectivity for flexible, remote operation. The A4020 is the cost-effective solution for any business already established in, or looking to enter, the world of 3D printing.

Fits the needs of large established companies...

3D printing in combination with the lost-wax method offers several potential benefits.

It allows for the creation of highly complex and customizable designs without large initial investments.
It can be a highly efficient production method, allowing for the rapid creation of multiple parts or products in a short amount of time.

It can also be a more environmentally friendly production method, since it can reduce the need for raw materials and minimize waste. An important consideration for companies that are looking to reduce their environmental impact. well as small entrepreneurial businesses.

The CeraCaster® allows for the creation of highly detailed and complex shapes that would be difficult or impossible to produce using traditional manufacturing techniques. That is particularly useful for small companies that need to produce custom parts or products that have unique features or designs.

The lost-wax method typically requires a high degree of labor and skill, but with 3D printing, the wax model can be quickly and easily created, reducing the time and cost associated with the process.

3D printing allows for greater design flexibility as changes to the design of the wax model can be made quickly and easily.

3Dialog offers comprehensive support for businesses entering the 3D printing world

In addition to producing high-quality parts for our customers, we also offer a range of services to help them get started with 3D printing.

Our three service centers offer educational and practical support for businesses looking to enter the 3D printing world. We can help with everything from initial sketches on a napkin to finished 3D models, and even 3D scanning.
"With the customer at the center, 3Dialog enters the 3D market as a new player and a tough competitor who wants to meet all customer expectations.

We offer new qualities at the best imaginable
production economics for everything from prototypes to series production."

Lost Wax Process

”Investment casting has stood the test of time. As one of the world’s oldest manufacturing methods, it’s still mainly used for the low-volume production. Additive manufacturing is improving the process and increasing its efficiency.

Traditionally, investment casting starts when a wax pattern is coated in ceramic slurry, which hardens to create a shell around the pattern. After it is heated, the wax melts and leaves behind a hollow ceramic shell. The shell is filled with molten metal and after it cools, the ceramic material is cracked and blasted off to reveal a completed metal part.

Most common investment casting applications use injection-molded wax patterns with it’s shape limits. With the 3Dialog CeraCaster®, successful serial production of very complex parts is achievable both from a quality and a financial point of view. Our concept offers highly-accurate parts in any metal with extraordinary surface finishes.”

Stellan Brimalm, CEO
Step 1
3D modelling
Model using your favourite program. Define scale, number of parts then send it to the CeraCaster®.
Step 2
3D printing
Set your desired printing resolution. CeraCaster® automatically slices your 3D model in real time while printing.
Step 3
Cast your wax model using the metal of your choosing.
Step 4
Metal parts
Impress your customers with ultra-high detail metal parts created in no time and with ease.
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Technical specification


740 x 1125 x 740 mm
W x L x H, not including operating table and packaging


220 kg
Not including operating table, packaging and printing materials.

Print volume

180 x 380 x 120 mm

Print resolutions

Draft - 360 dpi (0,07 mm)
Standard - 720 dpi (0,035 mm)
Fine - 1440 dpi (0,02 mm)
Ultra-fine - 2540 dpi (0,01 mm)

Printing material

Wax by 3Dialog


Capacitive Touch Screen LCD
12.3", 1920×720


USB 3.0 & Ethernet
Supports remote operation


Dual micro switches at all doors
Emergency stop button


Stockholm, SE

At 3Dialog's office in Stockholm, 3D visualization, 3D modeling and 3D scanning take place for further computer processing and manufacturing in our own workshop. Our local office and show room is located in Bandhagen, Stockholm.
The office will shortly have complete production equipment and serves as a service bureau for industry, contractors and other customers with interest and need for the finest precision details in metal and plastic. At the same premises, electronics that are part of our machines is manufactured.

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3Dialog AB
Hardemogatan 1, SE-124 67 BANDHAGEN
Tel. +46720242024

Vadstena, SE

Development and manufacturing
In the beautiful, small town of Vadstena there is a technical design office with an innovative focus. From here the company 3Dialog is managed and all the company's ideas are summarized to be processed into new products.
We are currently at the same premises, in the process of establishing our third service agency. The agency will be aimed at external customers as well as development and marketing of the company's own niche products within several exciting segments.

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3Dialog AB
Skänningegatan 3b, SE-59232 Vadstena
Tel. +46708975402

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